China PVC Industry Market Size And Future Development Trend


Polyvinyl chloride, referred to as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) in English, is a VINYL Chloride Monomer (VCM) caused by peroxides, nitride compounds, etc. or under the action of light and heat. Polymerized polymer.

Analysis of the industrial chain: Broadly downstream applications
The PVC industry is the basic raw material industry based on raw salt, coke and electric stones. There are many types of PVC products and a large degree of correlation. Its downstream products reached thousands of varieties and have high economic extension value. It is widely used in industries such as cables, toys, hoses, film, and medical products. It has the economic development of my country's economic development. Get a pivotal position.

China's PVC industry has always occupied an important position in the global market, with rich resources and economic strength. The development of China's PVC industry is growing at an alarming rate, which has brought great support to China's economy.

According to the analysis of the market operation status and investment direction of China's PVC industry in 2023-2029 released by the market research online network, the market size of China's PVC industry has grown from 160 billion yuan in 2017 to 210 billion yuan in 2020 in the past five years, an increase of 31%. Behind this overall growth is the trend of the development of China's PVC industry and the continuous improvement of market demand.

The future development trend of China's PVC industry is likely to continue to promote the growth of industry size and market share. First of all, driven by the manufacturing and construction industries, the consumption of PVC products will continue to increase, which will drive the development of the industry. Secondly, with the increase in consumer demand, the price of PVC products will also rise, so that the market size of the PVC industry will further expand. Finally, at present, the government has also given strong support to the industry in terms of policy and financial support, which will bring more guarantees to the development of the industry.

In general, the market size and future development trend of China's PVC industry will show a strong growth trend, bringing more economic benefits and social benefits to China's economic development.

Post time: Jun-26-2023