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SONGSU PVC Trunking ranges - PVC cable trunking, Canaletas pvc, mini trunking and PVC floor trunking.

We have Sizes from 9X5mm to 150X100mm, we have many colors, for example, white, africa white, blue, grey, yellow etc.

Product Features:
1. Product Appearance: Smooth surface, beautiful appearance, no impurities, less color difference, sealed design.
2. Product Toughness: Good toughness, Not break easily after bending many times, No crack when nail into.
3. Fire Retardant: Good fireproofing, extinguish once away from the fire. High temperature resistance, not deform easily under high temperature.
4. Electric Insulation: Can withstand 25KV voltage, avoid electric leakage and shock
5. Waterproof, Moistureproof, Acid resistant, Alkali resistant, Dustproof
6. Durable: Ageing-resistant, Normal Lifetime 50 years.
7. Protection: No affect the arrangement of the wire, protect the wire and the whole circuit device well.
8. Easy Installation: Easy to open, firm and tight after closing, convenient to push and pull.
9. Scope of Application: Suitable for building decoration project, interior water-power project, fireproof building project, telecom and power project.

Product Certificates: CE, IEC 61804-1, ISO9001
With 15 years of industry experience, Songsu Building Materials has gained countless trust and praise, including "Enterpride of Credit in Guangdong Province", "Canton Fair Quality Supplier", "Engineering Construction Recommended Products", "Excellent Service Provider in Plastic Pipe Industry" and "Promotion Product of Green Environmental Protection". With 15 years of self-discipline dedication, SONGSU obtained ISO9001 certification, CE certification and a series of industry recognition! After 15 years of improvement, SONGSU Staffs have cast their glory with their hard work and sweat!

Songsu Building Materials with responsibility and ingenuity to give plastic building materials more mission and significance
Bring green and environmental protection to every family
Bring development and future to you who are dreamy!
Let us lead to the world, and let the world remember us!

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