The Versatility of PVC Floor Trunking: A Complete Guide

PVC floor trunking is a versatile and essential component of any modern building. It is a type of conduit used to protect and manage cables, wires and electrical conduits, providing a neat and organized solution to wiring systems.  PVC floor trunking is made of high-quality PVC raw material and is known for its durability, flexibility and ease of installation. In this blog, we will explore all aspects of PVC floor trunking, including its features, specifications and applications.

Product material and certification:

PVC floor trunking is manufactured from PVC raw material, ensuring high quality and long-lasting performance. It has passed CE, IEC 61804-1 and ISO9001 certifications and complies with international safety and quality standards.  A V0 flammability rating ensures that raceway is fire resistant, making it a reliable choice for commercial and residential applications.


Various specifications and customization:

One of the main advantages of PVC floor trunking is its wide range of specifications. There are different sizes to choose from, such as 25X8mm, 35X10mm, 50X15mm, 70X20mm, 90X25mm, etc. to meet various cable management needs. In addition, product thickness can be customized according to specific requirements, providing flexibility for different installation scenarios. Color customization options include white, snow white, light blue and gray to integrate seamlessly with different interior designs.

Printing and packaging options:

To add a personalized touch, PVC floor trunking can be customized with logo or brand printing to increase brand awareness and recognition. Trunking is packaged in a plastic bag with the option to include a logo or branding, ensuring a professional and on-brand presentation.


Applications and advantages:

PVC floor trunking is widely used in commercial, industrial and residential environments, providing a reliable solution for cable management. Its operating temperature range is -15° to 60°, making it suitable for a variety of environmental conditions. Whether it is an office building, retail space or residential complex, PVC floor trunking provides a clean and organized wiring system, reducing the risk of cable damage and increasing safety.

In summary, PVC floor trunking is a versatile and practical cable management solution that offers durability, customization options and compliance with international standards. Its wide range of applications and advantages make it an indispensable component in modern buildings and electrical installations.  With its high-quality materials, certifications, and customizable features, PVC floor trunking is a reliable choice for efficient, organized cable management.

Post time: Apr-29-2024