Environmental Protection PVC Trunking PVC trapezoidal Cable Trunking

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Product Material: PVC raw material
Certificates: CE, IEC 61804-1, ISO9001
Flammability Rating: V0
Working Temperature: -15°~60°
Product Color: White, snow white, light blue, yellow or color customization.
Product Specifications: Have sizes 14X8mm and 21x10mm.
Product Thickness: Have 0.90mm, 1.00mm and 1.10mm.
Packing: Plastic bag with your Logo/Brand.
Printing: Can print your Logo/Brand on PVC Trunking.
Length: 2 meters per piece.

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Product Features

1. Product Appearance: Smooth surface, beautiful appearance, no impurities, less color difference, sealed design. Special design, small at the top and big at the bottom.

2. Product Toughness: Good toughness, Not break easily after bending many times, No crack when nail into.

3. Fire Retardant: Good fireproofing, extinguish once away from the fire. High temperature resistance, not deform easily under high temperature.

4. Electric Insulation: Can withstand 25KV voltage, avoid electric leakage and shock.

5. Waterproof, Moistureproof, Acid resistant, Alkali resistant, Dustproof.

6. Durable: Ageing-resistant, Normal Lifetime 50 years.

7. Protection: No affect the arrangement of the wire, protect the wire and the whole circuit device well.

8. Easy Installation: Easy to open, firm and tight after closing, convenient to push and pull. The lock is special, just open and close, very conveniently.

9. Scope of Application: Suitable for building decoration project, interior water-power project, fireproof building project, telecom and power project.

10. Hot selling country: Southeast Asia Cambodia.

11. Usage: For cover telephone and telecommunication wires, looks beautiful.

12. Advantage: Favorable and competitive price, 15days fast delivery time, environmental-friendly, 24hours online.


New raw material


Fire retardant


Good toughness


Good toughness


Easy to open cover




Can be nailed


Cover won't slide


UV Protection


Multi color selection

Product Size


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