Promotion Price All Sizes PVC New Cable Trunking Network Cable/Through Wire Electric

Short Description:

Product Material: PVC raw material
Certificates: CE, IEC 61804-1, ISO9001
Flammability Rating: V0
Working Temperature: -15°~60°
Product Color: White, snow white, light blue, yellow or color customization.
Product Specifications: Have 15x10mm, 20x10mm and 25x16mm.
Product Thickness: Different sizes, different thickness , or can be customized.

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Product Features

1. Product Appearance: Smooth surface, beautiful appearance, no impurities, less color difference, sealed design. Lock is different from common trunking, and bottom have lines. Special design for special requirement.

2. Product Toughness: Good toughness, Not break easily after bending many times, No crack when nail into.

3. Fire Retardant: Good fireproofing, extinguish once away from the fire. High temperature resistance, not deform easily under high temperature.

4. Electric Insulation: Can withstand 25KV voltage, avoid electric leakage and shock.

5. Waterproof, Moistureproof, Acid resistant, Alkali resistant, Dustproof.

6. Durable: Ageing-resistant, Normal Lifetime 50 years.

7. Protection: No affect the arrangement of the wire, protect the wire and the whole circuit device well.

8. Easy Installation: Easy to open, firm and tight after closing, convenient to push and pull. Use nail and sticker to fix it.

9. Scope of Application: Suitable for building decoration project, interior water-power project, fireproof building project, telecom and power project.

10. Hot selling countries: South America Peru and Chile.

11. Advantage: Open the cover fast, and close quickly.

12. Loading: Usually put them in 100x50mm to save CBM.

13. Q: Are samples free?

A: We can send out samples in 5 days, but the shipment charge need to be paid by your side, this fee will be rebound when customers make orders.


New raw material


Fire retardant


Good toughness


Good toughness


Easy to open cover




Can be nailed


Cover won't slide


UV Protection


Multi color selection

Product Size


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